Career Profile

I am a intense learner in the field of machine learning and Automation. I have gone through many of the projects and my Kollywood movie prediction model won a runner up in BigDataBoss Hackathon and got special appreciation.


Developer Intern

2020 - Present
Tactii (formerly TalentAccurate)

Our motto in the intern is to automate the things using python, we had automated various stuff using python, where we automated memes and visualization.


Heart Disease Prediction - A Classification based problem where we had to predict Whether that the person has heart disease or not and obtained A accuracy of 86% on test data
Kollywood Dataset Prediction - - Its Movie Prediction model, where we have to predict the rating of the movie using certain parameters

Technical Skills


Machine Learning

Linear Algebra

Exploratory Data Analysis

Scikit Learn

Pandas & Numpy

Flask & Fast API

Version control (GIT)

Soft Skills


Public Speaking

English communication

Problem Solving